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Dave Parcells
Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dave Parcells, 49, died on Saturday during the Tampa Bay Marathon. Shortly after taking himself out of the
water about four hours into the swim, he collapsed on his boat and never recovered. As our boat passed his,
he had just come out of the water and was sitting next to his captain. There were no obvious signs of

The Tampa Bay swim is tricky, and I had turned to Dave for help with navigation both the night before and
the morning of the swim. The fact that Dave did not know me well speaks to his generosity of spirit to all
swimmers. Dave appeared to me as a gentle man with a will of iron.

It is of small consolation or comfort to us that Dave died on the field of battle. To the ancient Greeks, who
were not as intent on living forever as we are, such an event would be propitious, a fitting tribute to a brave